football, tennis balls & basket balls for under 7s sports

Throw, Catch, Play!

Listen, Learn, Balance, Play!

Build confidence and independence


agility, balance, coordination

Throw, Catch, Play!

Listen, Learn, Balance, Play!

Build confidence and independence

agility, balance, coordination

Build confidence and independence

What we do

Welcome to Play Sportz, pre school activity classes for the under 7’s

The classes comprise of pre school football training as well as developing all round ball skills using a variety of sports.

These sports classes for toddlers are designed to help co ordination, agility, balance and spatial awareness.

Listening skills and team work are also essential to help develop the young champions in becoming independent and confident within a structured environment for the under 5’s

At the beginning your child may need you to stay close by for a few weeks, but within a very short space of time we hope to get them to participate independently.

Key Features:

  • Children are encouraged to play independently of the parent/guardian
  • 50-minute class
  • Weekly classes
  • Two coaches for up to 18 children (max)

Disguised Learning Through Play

Play and games are at the heart of everything we do. Our games cleverly disguise the learning aspect so the children just think they are playing. The more the children enjoy the games, the more they participate. This enjoyment leads to greater confidence, which in turn leads to self-initiated participation and independent play.


Play Sportz teaches the fundamentals of a variety of ball skills in a fun learning environment through a series of games using our tried and tested structure. The stages of development below outline our expectations for this age group:

Stages of Development

Social, Emotional & Cognitive

  • Comprehension of activities and attention increases.
  • Confidence improves leading to independent participation.
  • Awareness of surroundings is still poor and will require strong direction from coaches.


  • Improved body control.
  • Stamina and speed improves.
  • Coaches implement more complicated movements at varying heights and speeds.

The primary goal is for children to love their classes and further develop their skills. This passion builds enough confidence for children to participate independently.

Book your toddlers and under 7s into Play Sportz activity sessions today. Our preschool football & sport classes are currently taking bookings from children in the Wimborne, Corfe Mullen, Broadstone, Ringwood, Verwood, Colehill, Ferndown, & West Moors areas.


I have a very active and strong minded 2 year old. After searching for months for a sporty,active structured class and being told he has to be 3 years old to join, I came across Play Sportz. I am so happy I did and so is my son! Coach David is fantastic. The children learn so much. Each week the children do lots of running around and learn lots of new skills. He teaches discipline, patience... the children have so much fun within strong boundaries. Each week they have different activities using different balls, learn new skills... I can not recommend it highly enough... Coach David, you are a star
Claudine Beverly, Bournemouth

I cannot recommend these classes highly enough! We came upon them by chance when they were not long up and running - our class went from 3 children to over 10 in a matter of weeks, testament in itself as I know that most of this was through word of mouth alone.
As the mother of a 'spirited' child with endless energy I'm always on the look out for ways to channel this productively and these classes are perfect. Coach David is fantastic with the children and a great role model as he is a lot of fun but also has the kind of natural authority that children really respond to and respect - a tall order in an hour long class!
Learning and fun are perfectly balanced and its not all just about ball skills, numbers and colours are always involved and the children are encouraged to explore ideas and answer questions independently which is brilliant for confidence building. My son's listening and waiting skills have definitely improved but I have also noticed the confidence and participation of the quieter children growing week by week.
As a mum it is one of the most enjoyable hours of my week as it is a joy to watch the children having so much fun, being able to watch them develop and learn but to be able to sit on the sidelines and relax!
Book yourself a trial - you and your children will not be disappointed!


5 classes £34
8 classes £52
12 classes £75

Registration fee £12.00


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